New A Bingo afternoon at the club.
Thursday 30th November
3 entrance including tea/coffee and cake.
50p a strip.
Buy as many as you can manage!
Don’t forget your marker pens!

New Members are always welcome.
See what we can offer you.

New  Spitfire Teams selected, check out here.
Team sheets in also at the clubhouse.
The Colin Hibbs and Spitfire schedules are on the web, Check out the team selections.
Get your names down now.

New Christmas Dinner 2023 at the Club.
15th December 18:30 for 19:00
A List is up with details at the club for you to complete.
Check out the menu here.

New Short Match League match team selections.
More names please for the rest of the matches.

New Club Club short mat booking sheets here.
Book your sessions using the folder in the entrance passageway. If you cancel please try and contact anyone in the Reserve List.

New 2024 ESL Fixture dates available to view

New Look at our ladies at the Surrey County Presentation evening

New Look at the Finals results and winners in 2023

New Presentation night were you there?.

After playing the Bohemians we lost by one, yes one, shot. Great game, great people, great game.
Look at some photos.

2023 Competitions day photos.

The Bowls England information for the 2023 Season.

New The Lottery 3rd Nov
one Winner

The Social Diary begins make a note

2022 Presentation night photos.

Your Club Needs You
You will have noticed that project work is undertaken by a small number of club members during the closed season. It is therefore suggested that a list of jobs is published to allow individuals to choose a job that could be undertaken at a time that is convenient to volunteer.
The work that has been done on the club during the winter can be seen here. Many thanks to those who have put in the efforts.

Back from the 2023 Tour in Bridgwater, Somerset.
Where the cider comes from!
Well some of it does.

New Club mobile phone number is
07311 484922
leave a message.

Updated 29th Nov 2023

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Join the
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How do they make a set of bowls?

Getting the bowls re stamped and corrected.
How do they do it?
Check these videos.

Using the fixtures lists:-
If the “name” is underlined on the fixtures list then the initial team selection will be available by double clicking.

Press the F5 key to refresh the page if the result is not as expected.

Looking after the green. How do they do that?
A quick guide to what and how it happens.

How to Login to the Bowls Surrey web site to apply for matches.

 The latest Crystal Book of Lawn Bowls Rules
(applicable from 1st April 2023)
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